'Learning to be in the World’
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Welcome to Happy Stars
Happy Stars is an established day nursery which opened in September 2002 and is owned by Clare and Steve Foster. We are open Monday – Friday 8am-6pm, we close at 1pm on Christmas Eve and are closed for Christmas week and all public holidays.

Happy Stars Babies is situated on Glanville Avenue, Scunthorpe and provides a nurturing home from home environment for babies and children aged 3 months to 2 ½ years.

Happy Stars pre-school and after school club is a short 5 minute walk away on West Common Lane, Scunthorpe. We provide a fun, stimulating environment in which children aged 2 ½ to 12 years can learn and develop to their full potential.

We can’t promise we will never lose a sock; that we will never send home the wrong shoes, coat bags etc; or that all our paper work will be spell checked and our invoices perfect, but we can promise that the children we care for will always have a cuddle when they need one, will be given the opportunity to make a mess, jump, climb, sing, learn and laugh whilst... Learning to be in the world

To find out more contact us on (01724) 876 200, (01724) 876 123 or email info@happy-stars.co.uk.

2½ - 3½ Years
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